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Book chapters

  • Daniels-Mayes, S., Harwood, V. & Murray, N. (2019). On settler notions of social justice: The importance of disrupting and displacing colonising narratives. In K. Freebody, S. Goodwin & H. Proctor (Ed.), Higher education, pedagogy and social justice: Politics and practice (pp. 37–54), Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Daniels-Mayes, S., Harwood, V. & Murray, N. (2019). Saying NO to niceness: Innovative, progressive and transformative inclusive education with Australian Aboriginal students. In M. J. Schuelka, C. J. Johnstone, G. Thomas & A. J. Artiles (Ed.), The SAGE handbook of inclusion and diversity in education (pp. 542–556), London: Sage.

Journal articles

  • Harwood, V. & Murray, N. (2020). Respecting Aboriginal parents' involvement in their children's learning. Educação & Realidade, 45(2). DOI:10.1590/2175-623699899
  • Harwood, V. & Murray, N. (2019). Strategic discourse production and parent involvement: including parent knowledge and practices in the Lead My Learning campaign. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 23(4), 353–368. DOI:10.1080/13603116.2019.1571119