Elaine Fishwick

BSocSci(Econ)(Cardiff), MA(Journalism)(UTS)

PhD candidate




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youth justice, criminal justice policy, youth, public policy,media

Research project description

An examination of the key influences on decision making in New South juvenile justice policy 1990-2005 

Thesis work

Project title Degree Supervisor
Juvenile justice policy making in NSW 1990 - 2005. PhD Associate Professor Susan Goodwin

Selected publications


  • Weber, L, Fishwick, E and Marmo, M. (eds). (in press). The Routledge Handbook of Criminology and Human Rights. Routledge.
  • Weber, L.,Fishwick,E and Marmo M. (2014). Crime, Justice and Human Rights. London: Palgrave McMillan.

Book chapters

  • Fishwick E. (in press). ‘When the stars align’: Reflections on juvenile justice policy reform in New South Wales . In Co-editors: Sarah Armstrong , Jarrett Blaustein and Alistair Henry (Eds.), Reflexivity and Criminal Justice: Intersections of Policy, Practice and Research .

Journal articles

  • Fishwick,E and Mak H. (in press). Fighting crime, battling injustice: the world of real-life super heroes. Crime, Media and Culture.
  • Fishwick, E. & Bolitho, J. (2010). Politics-led policy and policy-led evidence: the noetic review of juvenile justice in NSW. Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 22(1), 171–180.