Dr Steve Georgakis

BEd(Hons)(Sydney), PhD(Sydney), MEd(HigherEd)(Sydney)

Senior lecturer of pedagogy and sports studies


Phone: +61 2 9351 6337

Fax: +61 2 9351 4580

Building.Room: A35.446

Research interests

Health and sport

  • History and sociology of sport

Research on teaching and learning

  • Health and physical education and development
  • Learning and teaching in higher education

Professional biography

Steve was appointed to the Faculty of Education and Social Work in 2002 and has a long standing interest and passsion in physical education and school sport, teacher education, history and sociology of sport and pedagogy for learning. He served as program director of the Human Movement and Health Education Program 2006-2008 and has taught in all undergraduate teaching programs in the Faculty including primary undergraduate, primary and secondary M-teach, double degree, general education and study abroad.

An advocate of the all-round University experience, Steve played a significant role in the Interfaculty sport team which won the Penfold Shield in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 (see profile picture of Steve holding the Pendfold Shield).

The author of more than 45 academic publications, he has published on wide and varied aspects of physical education and sports studies including archaeology, history, sociology, pedagogy, comparative and international. His latest publication is the co-authored edited book Youth Sport in Australia.

In 2012, Steve is coordinating the following units: eduh4058 Sport, Learning and Australian Culture (study abroad); eduhf3023 Sport: Contemporary Educational Issues (general education); eduh2017 Pedagogy for Physical Education 2 (HMHE); eduh3018 Pedagogy for Physical Education 3 (HMHE); and edup2004 PDHPE 1: Physical Activity (primary). Steve is also supervising three honours projects which deal with the theorising of Sydney's club Rugby Union competition; the mainstreaming of Australian football; and the correlation between academic achievement and sporting excellence in NSW government schools.


  • Thomas T. Roberts Travelling Fellowship (2006).

  • University of Sydney Sesqui R & D Grant (2004)

  • Greek Government Education Fellowship (2007)

  • Australian Olympic Committee Fellowship Olympia (2004)

Current projects

  • Title: 'Game Sense' Makes Sense: Developing inclusive physical education and sport pedagogy - a practical guide for teachers and coaches. This project provides a roadmap for introducing and incorporating games and sports into the primary and seconday physical education and school sport curriculum.
  • Title: A history of the NSW Public School Sport 1881-2012. This project traces the history of public school sport in NSW and theorises the role and organisation of Public School Sport since the establishment of compulsory public education. The project involves the location of both primary and secondary sources and an oral history project.

Current research students

Project title Degree Research student
Pre-service physical education teachers' perceptions of strategies to body image pedagogy. PhD Michelle Gorzanelli
tba PhD Andrew Harper

Selected publications


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Book chapters

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Journal articles

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Conference papers

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