Dr Goran Lazendic

BA(Hons)(UNS), PhD(Psychology)(UNSW)

Honorary Associate


Phone: +61 2 9351 6383

Fax: +61 2 9351 2606

Building.Room: A35.307

Research interests

Learning sciences; psychology of education

  • Assessment and evaluation

Professional biography

Dr Lazendic has training and research experience in cognitive psychology and educational measurement and assessments. Most recently, he has designed an innovative cross-grades system of computerised multistage adaptive tests for the Australian national assessments program.

He also developed, led and successfully implemented the ambitious and multifaceted research program that provided a comprehensive range of quantitative and qualitative empirical evidence to guide and support the transition of the national assessments from paper-based to computer-based tests. The new multistage adaptive national tests have been successfully implemented in over a thousand Australian schools in 2018.

Dr Lazendic has a strong research interest in novel approaches to automated scoring of writing and has spearheaded significant research efforts to investigate operational and conceptual issues of its implementation in large-scale national writing assessment.

Professional and community roles

  • Senior Assessment Specialist, UNESCO International Bureau of Education

Selected publications

Journal articles

  • Martin, A. J., & Lazendic, G. (2018). Achievement in Large-scale National Numeracy Assessment: An Ecological Study of Motivation and Student, Home, and School Predictors. Journal of Educational Psychology, 110(4), 465–482.
  • Martin, A. J., & Lazendic, G. (2018). Computer-Adaptive Testing: Implications for Students’ Achievement, Motivation, Engagement, and Subjective Test Experience. Journal of Educational Psychology, 110(1), 27–45.
  • Vink G, Lazendic G, & van Buuren, S. (2015). Partitioned predictive mean matching as a multilevel imputation technique. Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 57(4), 577–594.
  • Taft, M., Castles, A., Davis, C., Lazendic, G., & Nguyen-Hoan, M. (2008). Automatic activation of orthography in spoken word recognition: pseudohomograph priming. Journal of Memory and Language, 58, 366–379.