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Book chapters

  • Ward, M-H. (2015). The liminal space of PhD candidature: Becoming doctor. In L. Bryant & K. Jaworski (Ed.), Women supervising and writing doctoral theses: Walking on the grass (pp. 109–120), Lanham: Lexington Books.
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Journal articles

  • Klupiec, C., Pope, S., Taylor, R., Carroll, D., Ward, M-H. & Celi, P. . (2014). Development and evaluation of online video teaching resources to enhance student knowledge of livestock handling. Australian Veterinary Journal, 92(7), 235–239. DOI:10.1111/avj.12195

Conference papers

  • Ward, M. (2006). Thoughts on blogging as an ethnographic tool. In Lina Markauskaite, Peter Goodyear, Peter Reimann Who's learning? Whose technology? (pp. 843–851). The University of Sydney, Australia, 3-6 December, 2006.
  • Scott, K, Ward, M, Wood, G. (2006). Impact on student learning: Student evaluations of online formative assessment in fluid mechanics. In Lina Markauskaite, Peter Goodyear, Peter Reimann Proceedings of the 23rd annual conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education: Who’s learning? Whose technology? (pp. 737–740). Sydney, 3–6 December, 2006.