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  • Barradell, S., Peseta, T., & Barrie, S. (in press). Students and physiotherapists experience physiotherapy in particular ways: A phenomenologically oriented study. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. DOI:10.1080/09593985.2019.1619211
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  • Barrie, S., Bucat, R., Buntine, M., Burke da Silva, K., Crisp, G., George, A., Jamie, I., Kable, S., Lim, K., Pyke, S., Read, J., Sharma, M., & Yeung, A. . (2015). Development, evaluation and use of a student experience survey in undergraduate science laboratories: The advancing science by enhancing learning in the laboratory student laboratory learning experience survey. International Journal of Science Education, 37(11), 1795–1814. DOI:10.1080/09500693.2015.1052585
  • Kligyte, G., & Barrie, S. (2014). Collegiality: leading us into fantasy - the paradoxical resilience of collegiality in academic leadership. Higher Education Research and Development, 33(1), 157–169. DOI:0.1080/07294360.2013.864613
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  • Barrie, S, Ginns, P. (2007). The linking of institutional performance indicators to improvements in teaching and learning in classrooms. Quality in Higher Education, 13(3), 275–286.

Conference papers

  • Ewing, R, Freeman, M, Ahmed nee Bell, A, Barrie, S, O'Connor, D, Shields, J, Spicer, P, Waugh, F. (2007). The challenge of mentoring in academic settings: A pilot study. In Jeffery, PL AARE Conference - 2006 Papers by Papercode (pp. 1–18). Adelaide Australia, 27-30 Nov 2006.