Baili Emily Lilienfeld

PhD candidate


Phone: 9351  6362


Building.Room: A36.2a08

Research project description

Tone perception, production and strategic self regulation


Conference presentation:

  1. Lilienfeld, B.E. (2011). Mandarin tone perception by adult as second language learners. TESOL Research Network Colloquium, University of Sydney, 3 September 2011.
  2. Lilienfeld, B.E., & Tsung, L. (2011). An analysis of tone perception by second language learners. Issues in Language Development, ALAA-ALANZ 2nd Combined Conference, Canberra.
  3. Lilienfeld, B.E. (2012). Learning a tonal language:tone identification of monsyllables and disyllables. Applied Linguistics Association of Australia national conference, Perth.
  4. Lilienfeld, B.E. (2012). The effect of lexicon and tonal context on university students' tone identification. The Joint Australian Association for research in Education (AARE) and Asia Pacific Educational Reserach Association (APERA) conference, Sydney.


  • Outstanding Research Student Award, 2012.

  • Applied Linguistics Association of Australia Travel Scholarship, 2012.

  • Trevor Miller Memorial Fund Grant, 2013.

Thesis work

Project title Degree Supervisor
Tone perception, production and self-regulated strategy use PhD Associate Professor Ken Cruickshank