Professor Ann Brewer

BA(Macquarie), MCom(Honours)(UNSW), PhD(UNSW)

Honorary Professor

Dean of Professional and Continuing Education

Chief Executive Officer of Centre for Continuing Education and Sydney Learning


Phone: 02 9199  8064

Fax: 02 8999  9618

Building.Room: Darling Building.L03F

Professional biography

Professor Ann Brewer is the foundation Professor in Organisational Logistics in the Faculty of Economics and Business and it was the first time that a woman held a Chair in the Business School. In 2002 after a number of senior roles in her Faculty including Head of School of Business, Professor Brewer took on a senior role to lead quality assurance and change in the University; she was appointed as Deputy Vice Chancellor (Infrastructure) until 2007 responsible for infrastructure development, staffing, organisational change, quality assurance and improvements as well as staff and student equal opportunity.

Her current executive role, as Deputy Vice Chancellor (Strategic Management), involves the implementation of the strategic plan, the Quality Assurance Strategy for the University, risk management and enterprise bargaining. On behalf of the Vice Chancellor, she also co-ordinates the senior administrative group including the CFO, CIO and all the directors of operations to create alignment with the academic strategy and to promote the University policies and procedures necessary to ensure appropriate decision-making in this areas. She is the Chief Executive Officer for the Centre for Continuing Education and Sydney Learning Pty. Ltd.

She has published in leading international journals in her field and authored six books on organisational change, supply chain management, business management and employee commitment and is also an accredited executive coach.

In 2012, she is a guest lecturer in EDPA5013 Evaluation of Educational Programs within the Faculty.

Professor Brewer has extensive experience in strategic planning and management, quality assurance, risk management, leadership, staff development and coaching.  

Selected publications


  • Brewer, A. (in press). Leadership, coaching and followership: an important equation. New York: Springer.
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Book chapters

  • Brewer, A. M. (2012). Positive mentoring relationships: nurturing potential. In Sue Roffey (Ed.), Positive relationships: evidence based practice across the World (pp. 197–214), New York: Springer.
  • Brewer, A. M. (2006). Quality assurance at the University of Sydney. In Jeanette Baird (Ed.), Quality frameworks: reflections from Australian Universities. AUQA Occasional Publications Number 9 (pp. 71–79), Victoria, Australia: Australian Universities Quality Agency.

Journal articles

  • Brewer, A. M. & Walker, I. (2011). Risk management in a university environment . Journal of business continuity and emergency planning, 5(2), 161–172.
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Conference papers

  • Brewer, A. M. & Walker, I. (2010). Risk management in a university environment. In Proceedings of the Australian Quality Forum: higher education AuQF 2010 - "Quality in uncertain times" (pp. 19–27). Gold Coast, Australia, 30 June - 2 July 2010.
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