Dr Dorothy Bottrell

BADipEd(La Trobe), MEd(Sydney), EdD(Sydney)

Honorary Senior Lecturer


Phone: + 61 2

Fax: +61 2 9351 5027

Building.Room: A35.

Research interests

Educational history, sociology and philosophy

  • Sociology of education

Social structures, inequalities and social justice

  • Social change

Social work and social policy

  • Counselling, welfare and community services


resilience, schools and communities, youth work, social justice, juvenile justice, social policy

Professional and community roles

  • Member, Youth Justice Coalition and YJC Education working group 2009-11

  • Member, Glebe Community Development Project steering committe 2007-13

  • Editorial Board, International Journal on School Disaffection

Current projects

  • Personal Resilience, System Resilience and Educational Opportunity (2011-12), funded by US Spencer Foundation; with Profs. Andrew Martin, Derrick Armstrong (Sydney) and Michael Ungar (Dalhousie University)
  • Schools, Communities and Social Inclusion: Transformation and Innovation through education, social work and community development research (2010-11) with Dr Sue Goodwin.
  • Pre-service Teachers’ and Community Agency Staff’s Experience of Collaborative Community Development Projects (2010-11)

Selected publications


Book chapters

  • Bottrell D., & Pessoa, A. (2019). Waiting, belonging and social change: Marginal perspectives from Sao Paulo and Melbourne. In H. Cuervo & A. Miranda (Ed.), Youth, inequality and social change in the global South (pp. 129–145), Singapore: Springer.
  • Pessoa, A., Libório, R., Noltemeyer, A., & Bottrell, D. (2017). The applicability of ‘hidden resilience’ in the lives of adolescents involved in drug trafficking. In S.H. Koller & D. Dabbosco Dell’Aglio (Ed.), Vulnerable Children and Youth in Brazil: Innovative approaches from the psychology of social development (pp. 247–260), Cham, Switzerland: Springer.
  • Bottrell, D. (2015). Schools and Communities Fit for Purpose. In H. Proctor, P. Brownlee & P. Freebody (Ed.), Controversies in Education: Orthodoxy and Heresy in Policy and Practice (pp. 27–38), Cham: Springer.
  • Bottrell, D. & France, A. (2015). Bourdieurian cultural transitions: Young people negotiating ‘fields’ in their pathways into and out of crime. In D. Woodman & A. Bennett (Ed.), Youth cultures, transitions and generations: Bridging the gap in youth research (pp. 99–112), Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave.
  • Ungar, M., Bottrell, D., Tian, G., & Xiying Wang, X. (2013). Resilienz, stärken und ressourcen im jugendalter . In C. Steinebach & K. Gharabaghi (Hrsg.) (Ed.), Resilienzförderung im jugendalter: Praxis und perspektiven (pp. 1–19), Berlin: Springer.
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  • Bottrell, D. & Goodwin, S. (2011). Schools, communities and the achievement turn: The neo-liberalisation of equity. In D. Bottrell & S. Goodwin (Ed.), Schools, Communities and Social Inclusion (pp. 22–37), Melbourne: Palgrave Macmillan.
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  • Bottrell, D. (2008). TGG: Girls, Street Culture and Identity. In Harris, A. (Ed.), Next Wave Cultures: Feminism, Subcultures, Activism (pp. 37–62), New York and London: Routledge.

Journal articles

  • MacDonald, F., Bottrell, D., & Johnson, B. (in press). Socially transformative wellbeing practices in Flexible Learning Environments: Invoking an education of hope. Health Education Journal. DOI:10.1177/0017896918777005
  • Pessoa, A., Liebenberg, L., Bottrell, D., & Koller, S. (2019). Restructuring educational systems and promoting social justice for young people involved in drug trafficking in Brazil. Zeitschrift fuer Psychologie - Journal of Psychology, 227(2), 139–143. DOI:10.1027/2151-2604/a000366
  • Li, H., Bottrell, D. & Armstrong, D. . (2018). Understanding the pathways to resilience: Voices from Chinese adolescents. Young, 26(2), 126–144. DOI:10.1177/1103308817711532
  • Plows, V., Bottrell, D. & te Riele, K. (2017). Valued outcomes in the counter-spaces of alternative education programs: Success but on whose scale?. Geographical Research, 55(1), 29–37. DOI:10.1111/1745-5871.12186
  • Pessoa, A., Coimbra, R., Bottrell, D. & Noltemeyer, A. . (2017). Resilience processes within the school context of adolescents with sexual violence history. Educacao em Revista, 33(e157785). DOI:10.1590/0102-4698157785
  • Collie, R., Martin, A., Bottrell, D., Armstrong, D., Ungar, M. & Liebenberg, L. (2017). Social support, academic adversity and academic buoyancy: A person-centred analysis and implications for academic outcomes. Educational Psychology, 37(5), 550–564. DOI:10.1080/01443410.2015.1127330
  • Coelho, J., Pessoa, A. & Bottrell, D. (2017). Perceptions of young offenders about the police: A qualitative study conducted in Brazil. Pesquisas e Praticas Psicossociais [Psychosocial Research and Practices], 12(4).
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  • Bottrell, D. (2007). Resistance, Resilience and Social Identities: Reframing 'Problem Youth' and the Problem of Schooling. Journal of Youth Studies, 10(5), 597–616.
  • Bottrell, D, Armstrong, D. (2007). Changes and exchanges in marginal youth transitions. Journal of Youth Studies, 10(3), 353–371.

Conference papers

  • Bottrell, D., Freebody, K., & Goodwin, S. (2011). School-community engagement: Shifting boundaries of policy and practice. In Wright, J. Conference Proceedings, Australian Association for Research in Education Annual International Conference, Researching Across Boundaries (pp. 1–13). Hobart, 27 November-1 December.
  • Bottrell, D. (2010). Social justice and the epistemic ecology of young people's resilience: Four questions about listening. In Pathways to Resilience II: The Social Ecology of Resilience. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 7-10 June.
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  • Bottrell, D. (2009). Young people’s understandings of resilience. Invited Keynote. In 'Heads Up’ Hope and Resilience Conference. Headspace Mid-North Coast, Coffs Harbour, 21 March.
  • Bottrell, D. (2007). Dealing with disadvantage: Community, place and resilience in girls’ identity work. In Australian Social Policy Conference. UNSW, 11-13 July.


  • Bottrell, D. & Russell, K. (2009). International 'best practice' for out of school services and activities for 9-12 year old children. Literature review report for UnitingCare Burnside, .