Dr Suzanne Egan



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Foucault's methodologies, Post structural feminist theories, Gender and sexuality, Science and technology studies, Feminist New materialism

Professional biography

My principal research interests lay broadly in the deployment of contemporary social theories, to theorise about and conduct research on current social issues and concerns. Field based experience in the fields of sexual violence and youth services enabled me to work with, and understand both the possibilities and limitations of a range of social theories and concepts, in particular feminist and post-structural theories of gender, power and sexuality.

I continued working with these ideas in my doctoral work, which involved operationalising Foucault’s concepts of knowledge, and power as methodological strategies to investigate the place of feminism and the deployment of trauma discourses in the field of sexual violence.

My current research extends on this by theory building in relation to the associations between neurobiological understandings and feminist knowledge/practices of sexual violence. This work involves engaging with different bodies of contemporary scholarship including feminist new materialist theories, affect theory, science and technology studies, and sociological work on the neurosciences.

Selected publications


Book chapters

  • Atkinson, S., Weeks, R., Barbaux, M., O'Hara, A., Waugh, F. & Egan, S. (2009). Making the Move from Static to Activity-Based E-Learning: Investigation of a Possible Model. In L. Gomez Chova, D. Marti Belenguer & I. Candel Torres (Ed.), EDULEARN09: International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies Proceedings (pp. 3497–3509), Spain: International Association of Technology, Education and Development (IATED).
  • Egan, S. (2008). Research for practice in small human service organisations: doing and disseminating small-scale research. In D. Bottrell & G. Meagher (Ed.), Communities and change: selected papers (pp. 303–317), Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Journal articles

  • Egan, S., Waugh, F., Giles, R. & Bowles, W. (2017). Authentic assessment: Partners in developing a web-based guide. Social Work Education, 36(6), 731–744. DOI:10.1080/02615479.2017.1303042
  • Egan, S. (2016). Sexual assault as trauma: A Foucauldian examination of knowledge practices in the field of sexual assault service provision. Feminist Review, 112(1), 95–112. DOI:10.1057/fr.2015.47


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