Professor Gabrielle Meagher

BEc(SocSci)Hons(Sydney), PhD(Sydney)

Honorary Professor


Phone: +61 2  9351

Fax: +61 2 9351 2606

Building.Room: A35.

Research interests

Social structures, inequalities and social justice

  • Gender relations and gender identity

Social work and social policy

  • Ageing and end-of-life
  • Social policy


care work, marketisation, elder care, comparative social policy, public opinion on inequality and the welfare state

Professional biography

Gabrielle trained as a political economist, and her current interdisciplinary research program explores the impact of privatisation and personalisation on the way social care services are practised (by social service workers), organised (within and between different kinds of social service agencies), distributed (between social groups),  experienced (by service users) and understood (by broader publics).

Since 2005, her research on these questions has expanded to include research on Sweden, where she has a joint appointment at the Department of Social Work at Stockholm University. She is a member of the team on the research program, 'Individualised care and universal welfare: Dilemmas in an era of marketisation', and on the research project ‘Child welfare as market – on the shaping of the supply side of residential care’, both funded by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare. She was co-convenor of the Nordic Research Network on Marketisation in Eldercare from 2011–2016.


Gabrielle is keenly interested in the development of the social sciences in Australia and works in various ways to help bridge the worlds of research and social/policy action. (For some examples, see 'Reports' below.) She was Editor of the Australian Review of Public Affairs (2001–2016), and co-editor of the Australian Journal of Social Issues (2010–2013).

In July 2015, she took up a position as Professor in the Department of Sociology at Macquarie University.

Gabrielle's  doctoral students have included Dr Natasha Cortis, Dr Christina Ho, Dr Ben Spies-Butcher, Dr Toby Fattore and Dr John Girdwood.


  • Norman Smith Research Award for best research article in Australian Social Work 2007 (won jointly with Professor Karen Healy)

  • Norman Smith Research Award for best research article in Australian Social Work 2012 (won jointly with Dr Natasha Cortis)

Professional and community roles

Current projects

  • The Equal Remuneration Case 2009-2012: strategy and outcome from the perspective of participants(with Dr Natasha Cortis)
  • A comparative study of the work and working conditions of home care workers in Australia and Sweden (with Associate Professor Jane Mears and Professor Marta Szebehely)
  • The role of market ideas and organisations in social service provision in Australia and Sweden (with Professor Marta Szebehely)

Selected publications


Book chapters

  • Meagher, G. & Goodwin, S. (2015). Introduction: Capturing marketization in Australian social policy. In G. Meagher & S. Goodwin (Ed.), Markets, rights and power in Australian social policy (pp. 1–27), Sydney: Sydney University Press.
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  • Meagher, G. (2014). Persistent inequalities: The distribution of money, time and care. In S. K. Schroeder & L. Chester (Ed.), Challenging the Orthodoxy: Reflections on Frank Stilwell's Contribution to Political Economy (pp. 79–100), Berlin: Springer.
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Journal articles

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