Harits Masduqi

MEd(Monash), Certificate(Camb)

PhD candidate


Phone: 9351  5281


Building.Room: A35.548

Research project description

The purpose of the PhD research project is mainly to investigate what, in the perceptions of key stakeholder groups, constitutes an effective EFL reading program at English Departments in three universities in Malang, East Java Province, Indonesia. The three universities differ in terms of their student population, their cultural and religious backgrounds, and nature of the tertiary institutions and program. Hence, the researcher will also discuss the findings in relation to different cultural and academic backgrounds in those universities.

The research data will be a variety of the participants’ responses collected from questionnaire, focus group interview, individual interview, and documentation. With the assistance of qualitative descriptions and statistical procedures, the various perspectives on an effective reading program will then be analysed with regard to diversity in research participants’ backgrounds. This will help the researcher discuss how an effective EFL reading program could be implemented in Indonesian universities.


  • Postgraduate Research Student Scholarship 2014

  • AusAid Australian Development Scholarship 2003

  • AusAid Australian Leadership Award 2010

  • AusAid LAPIS-ELTIS Scholarship 2007

  • Thomas T. Roberts Education Fellowship 2013 

  • Postgraduate Research Student Scholarship 2013

  • AusAid Allison Sudradjat Award 2010

Thesis work

Project title Degree Supervisor
EFL Reading in Three Indonesian Universities: Perspectives of Key Stakeholders in Diverse Cultural Contexts PhD Associate Professor Ken Cruickshank
EFL Reading in Three Indonesian Universities: Perspectives of Key Stakeholders in Diverse Cultural Contexts PhD Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

Selected publications

Journal articles

  • Masduqi, H. (2011). Critical Thinking Skills and Meaning in English Language Teaching. TEFLIN Journal, 22(2), 185–200.
  • Masduqi, H. (2006). The Competency – Based Curriculum of English Subject for Senior High School in Indonesia: A Critical Evaluation. Humanitas Journal, 1(2), 56–68.
  • Masduqi, H. (2006). Argument, Argumentation Analysis, and Argumentative Devices. Humanitas Journal, 2(1), 1–10.

Conference papers

  • Masduqi, H. (2014). Pendidikan, Kesehatan & Sumber Daya Manusia di Indonesia (Education, Health, and Human Resources in Indonesia) . In The Indonesian Studies Guest Lecturer Series 2014. Department of Indonesian Studies, The University of Sydney, 22 May 2014.
  • Masduqi, H. (2014). EFL Reading in Indonesian Universities: Lecturers’ and Learners’ Perspectives in Different Cultural Contexts. In The International Conference for Academic Disciplines Las Vegas 2014. University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 17-20 March 2014.
  • Masduqi, H. (2013). The Long and Winding Road of A Scholarship Hunter. In National English Seminar on International Scholarship Programs - East Meets West: Cultural Awareness of Scholarship Hunters. Islamic University of Malang, Indonesia, 21 December 2013.
  • Masduqi, H. (2013). English Language Teaching in Indonesian Universities: What Makes for an Effective EFL Reading Program. In The 2013 TEFLIN International Conference. University of Indonesia, 27-29 August 2013.
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