Kathrine Petersen

MEd(RMIT), GradDip(Melbourne), BA(La Trobe)

PhD candidate




Building.Room: A35.237


Serious Games, Virtual Worlds, Immersive Education


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Current projects

  • “Serious games” (Abt, C., 1970) are at the forefront of learning sciences research. With the success from current research into “serious games” (e.g. Shaffer, 2006; Squire, 2008; Jacobson, Richards, Kapur, Taylor, Hu, Wong, & Newstead, 2011; Jacobson, Markauskaite, Kelly, Stokes, & Kuan Ling Lai, 2012) that show students both enjoy and engage in learning with positive learning outcomes, Literature learning may benefit from adopting “serious games” environments for teaching standards-based curricular. In particular, “serious games” research in the area of literature learning could benefit from recent research results from the studies involving History standards-based curricular. This project explores serious games for teaching ancient historical text and whether through the application of successful recommendations from "serious games" research and appropriate learning methods improved academic learning outcomes can be achieved.

Thesis work

Project title Degree Supervisor
The King is in the field: re-creating the poetic vision contained within the ancient historical text of King Solomon’s Song of Songs in a 3D Virtual leanring environment, to determine if serious games can improve academic outcomes for learning literature. PhD Dr Lina Markauskaite

Selected publications

Conference papers

  • Kathrine Petersen. (in press). Lets Get Serious! Games Encourage Positive Learning Outcomes. In
  • Kathrine Petersen. (in press). Serious Games: A Comprehensive Review of Learning Outcomes. In