Honorary Professor Keith Trigwell

BSc(Hons)(UWA), PhD(UWA)

Honorary Professor


Phone: +61 2 9351 4572

Fax: +61 2 9351 5027

Building.Room: A35.

Research interests

Research on teaching and learning

  • Learning and teaching in higher education


  • Honorary Doctorate from Lund University, Sweden 2016

Current projects

  • Reframing the PhD for Australia's future universities. An OLT funded project aimed at stimulating discussion on ways to match the PhD with Australia's needs.

Selected publications

Book chapters

  • Trigwell, K. (2013). Evaluating the Impact of University Teaching Development Programmes: Methodologies that Ask Why There is an Impact. In E. Simon & G. Pleschova (Ed.), Teaching Development in Higher Education: Existing programs, Program Impact, and Future Trends (pp. 257–273), Oxon, UK: Routledge.
  • Trigwell, K. (2012). Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. In L. Hunt and D. Chalmers (Eds.), University Teaching in Focus: A learning-centred approach (pp. 253–267), Camberwell, Victoria: ACER Press.
  • Trigwell, K. (2011). Measuring teaching performance. In Jung Cheol Shin, Robert K Toutkoushian & Ulrich Teichler (Ed.), University Rankings: Theoretical basis, methodology and impacts on global higher education (pp. 165–181), New York: Springer.

Journal articles

  • Thomson, K. & Trigwell, K. . (2018). The role of informal conversations in developing university teaching?. Studies in Higher Education, 43(9), 1536–1547. DOI:10.1080/03075079.2016.1265498
  • Kumar, S., McLean, L., Nash, L. & Trigwell, K. (2017). Incorporating active learning in psychiatry education. Australasian Psychiatry, 25(3), 304–309. DOI:10.1177/1039856217689912
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