Associate Professor Louise Rowling


Honorary Associate Professor in Health Promotion


Phone: +61 2 8095  8315


Building.Room: A35.904

Research interests

Health and sport

  • Health promotion

Professional biography

Associate Professor Louise Rowling has established over a 30 year period a National and International reputation for work on health promoting schools and mental health promotion.  She was the President of Australian Health Promoting Schools Association for 5 years and Director of the National Health Promoting Schools Initiative. Louise has been a consultant to the World Health Organisation on a number of occasions, working in Asia and the South Pacific and has contributed to the development of materials for the WHO Global School Health Initiative. Louise was one of the Chief Investigators in the development of MindMatters. She chaired the MindMatters evaluation committee for 5 years. She was the Inaugural President of Intercamhs, the International Alliance of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Schools.


    • Honorary Life Member of Australian Health Promoting Schools Association 1999
    • Dr Harry Jenkins Fellow Award for services to Lions Clubs International and Drug Education 2004.

Current projects

  • Adolescent Health Literacy in Schools with Peralta L, Samdal O, Roderick P, Grace M, Larsen T; Nutbeam, D. World University Project (WUN). DVC International/IPDF Grant.

Selected publications


  • Samdal, O. & Rowling, L. (2013). The implementation of health promoting schools. Exploring the theories of what, why and how. London: Routledge.
  • Rowling, L., Martin, G. & Walker, L. (Eds.). (2008). Mental Health Promotion and Young People: Concepts and Practice. Korean Translation. Seoul, Korea: McGraw Hill.

Book chapters

  • Rowling L. (2015). Developing and sustaining mental health and wellbeing in Australian schools. Chapter 2. , . In , School Mental Health: Global Challenges and Opportunities.ed. Stan Kutcher, Yifeng Wei and Mark D. Weist. London: Cambridge University Press.
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Journal articles

  • Oliveira, J., Sherrington, C., Rowling, L., & Tiedemann, A. . (2019). Factors associated with ongoing participation in structured exercise among people aged 50 years and older. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 27(5), 739–745. DOI:10.1123/japa.2018-0231
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Conference papers