Adjunct Professor Maureen Walsh

BA(Hons)(UoN), MA(Manc), DipEd(CSU), GradDipEd(Reading)(UTS), PhD(Sydney)

Adjunct Professor


Phone: +61 2  9351

Fax: +61 2  9351

Building.Room: A35.

Selected publications


  • Walsh, M. (2011). Multimodal Literacy: Researching Classroom Practice. Sydney: e.lit Primary English Teachers' Association.
  • Walsh, M. (2007). Literacy for E-learning and Multimodal Classroom Contexts 2006. Australian Catholic University.

Book chapters

  • Simpson, A., and Walsh, M. (2010). Multiple literacies: Implications for changed pedagogy. In Christie, F. (Ed.), Literacy and Social Responsibility: Multiple Perspectives (pp. 24–39), U.K.: Equinox.
  • Walsh, M. (2009). Pedagogic Potentials of Multimodal Literacy. In Tan Wee Hin, L., and Subramanian, R. (Eds.) (Eds.), Handbook of Research on New Media Literacy at the K~12 Level: Issues and Challenges (Vol. I and II, pp. 32–47), U.S.: IGI Global.

Journal articles

  • Walsh, M. (2010). Multimodal Literacy: What does it mean for classroom practice?. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 3.
  • Ryan, J., Scott, A. and Walsh, M. (2010). Pedagogy in the Multimodal Classroom. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 16(4).
  • Walsh, M. (2008). Worlds have collided and modes have merged: Classroom evidence of changed literacy practices. Literacy, 42(2), 101–108.
  • Walsh, M., Asha, J. and Sprainger, N. (2007). Reading Digital Texts. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 30(1), 40–53.
  • Walsh, M. (2006). The "textual shift": Examining the reading process with visual and multimodal texts. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 29(1), 24–37.

Conference papers

  • Walsh, M. (2006). Literacy and learning with multimodal texts: Classroom glimpses. In Future Directions in Literacy Conference. University of Sydney, 3~4 March 2006.