Pippa Yeoman

MPhil(Camb), BA(Hons)(Cape Town)

PhD candidate




Building.Room: A35.237


  • 2011 Postgraduate Award: Learning, Technology and Design (The University of Sydney)


Thesis work

Project title Degree Supervisor
Habits and habitats: understanding the ecology of a networked learning environment. PhD Professor Peter Goodyear

Selected publications

Book chapters

  • Ashe, D., Yeoman, P., & Shaw, T. (2014). Qstream: Learning in the “in-between.”. In Carvalho, L., & Goodyear, P. (Ed.), The architecture of productive learning networks. London: Routledge.

Conference papers

  • Thompson, K., Ashe, D., Yeoman, P., & Parisio, M. (2013). (2013). Phases of design: Following idea development and patterns of collaborative discussion in a learning by design project.. In CSCL.
  • Thompson, K., Ashe, D., Wardak, D., Yeoman, P., & Parisio, M. . (2013). Identification of patterns of tool use and sketching practices in a learning by desing task.. In CSCL.