Roslyn Giles AM

Honorary Senior Lecturer in social work


Phone: +61 2 9351 6888

Fax: +61 2 9351 3783

Building.Room: A35.727

Research interests

Social work and social policy

  • Social work in health care
  • Knowledge building in social work practice and education

Professional biography

After a long career in direct social work practice and social work service management I am now applying this rich experience to social work education and research.

Professional and community roles

  • Member of Australian Social Work Review Panel

  • AASW Social Work program accreditor 

  • Social Work Health Inequalities Network member

  • Chair Academic Board Australian Institute of Relationship Studies

  • Teacher Supervison in Professional Practice

Current projects

  • Clinical Priorities in Social Work Health Practice
  • Authentic Assessment ALTC feuded inter university research about assessment in practice learning

Selected publications


  • Giles R., Vertigan A. & Epstein I. . (2011). Clinical Data Mining in Allied Health. (1st ed.), Sydney: Sydney University Press.
  • Giles R., Irwin J., Lynch D. & Waugh F. (2010). In the Field: From Learning to Practice. (1st ed.), Melbourne: Oxford University.
  • Pockett, R, Giles, R. (2008). Critical Reflection: Generating theory from practice. The graduating social work student experience. Sydney: Darlington Press.

Book chapters

  • Giles, R. & Pockett, R. (2019). Supporting diversity and finding congruity in social work field education. In F. Gardner, J. Theobald, N. Long & H. Hickson (Ed.), Field education: Creating successful placements Docklands, Victoria: Oxford University Press.
  • Giles, R., & Pockett, R. . (2013). Critical reflection in social work education. In J. Fook and F. Gardner (Eds.), Critical Reflection in Context: Applications in health and social care (pp. 208–218), Oxon: Routledge.

Journal articles

  • Egan, S., Waugh, F., Giles, R., & Bowles, W. (2017). Authentic assessment: Partners in developing a web-based guide. Social Work Education, 36(6), 731–744. DOI:10.1080/02615479.2017.1303042
  • Lalayants, M., Epstein, I., Auslander, G., Chan, W., Fouche, C., Giles, R., Joubert, L., Rosenne, H., & Vertigan, A. . (2013). Clinical data-mining: Learning from practice in international settings. International Social Work, 56(6), 775–797. DOI:10.1177/0020872811435370
  • Laragy, C., Bland, R., Giles, R., & Scott, V. (2013). Australian Practice Standards nine years on: Are they useful?. International Social Work, 56(5), 644–658. DOI:10.1177/0020872812436623
  • Roslyn Giles. (2009). Developing a Health Equality Imagination: Hospital practice challenges for health social work practice. International Social Work, 52, 525–537.
  • Roslyn Giles, Susan Gould, Chris Hart & Jennifer Swancot . (2007). Clinical Priorities: Strengthening Social Work Practice in Health. Australian Social Work, 60(2), 147–165.

Conference papers

  • Giles R., Small A., Irwin J., Lynch D. & Waugh F. . (2009). Learning about Transformational Learning in Social Work Field Education: Mapping the Theory and Applying the process. In . Auckland NZ, November 2009.
  • Giles R., Small A., Irwin J., Lynch D. & Waugh F. (2008). Innovative Pedagogical Strategies: Developing a Community of Learners in Field Education Practice. In . Durban Sth Africa, July 2008.