Dr Susan Tregeagle

PhD(UWS), BSocStud(Sydney), GradDip(UTS)

Adjunct Senior Lecturer


Phone: (02) 6161  6264

Fax: (02) 9281  0441

Building.Room: A35.

Professional biography

Susan is Senior Manager Barnardos Australia ‘Research and Advocacy’. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the University of Sydney’s  Institute of Open Adoption Studies. Current research work is on the four year project: Australian Open Adoption Outcomes study.

‘Research and Advocacy’ within Barnardos Australia works to ensure quality of professional interventions in the lives of children and young people. Barnardos is Australia’s foremost out-of-home care agency has a reputation of quality and innovation. Susan keeps the agency abreast of international research so that practice is evidence informed and  evaluates programs and outcomes for children and young people.

Research interests include:

  • Open adoption

  • Technology in child welfare
  • Foster care
  • Kin care
  • Early intervention
  • Secondary welfare services
  • Residential care
  • Impact of open adoption
  • Prevention of out-of-home care

Teaching commitments involve supervising social work student placements.

Susan regularly speaks at conferences and to government departments. She was a Foundation Board Member of Families Australia, a national group representing children and family welfare agencies at the Federal Government level. Susan has written extensively for practitioners’ training  including five editions of a social work text book and Barnardos Practice Papers which are useable guides to welfare decision making and management.

Professional and community roles

  • Senior Manager Research and Advocacy, Barnardos Australia

Selected publications


  • Tregeagle, S. (2010). Harnessing Information and Communication Technology in Child Welfare: The redevelopment of the Looking After Children and family support case management. Lambert Academic Publishing.

Book chapters

  • Tregeagle, S. (2018). Out-of-home care: Prevention and placement strategies. In S. Rice, A. Day & L. Briskman (Ed.), Social work in the shadow of the law (5th ed.,), Leichhardt: Federation Press.
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  • Tregeagle, S. and L. Voigt. (2009). Out of Home Care: Addressing the Support Needs of Vulnerable Children. In Swain, P. and S. Rice (Eds.), In the Shadow of the Law (3rd ed., pp. 177–191), Sydney: The Federation Press.

Journal articles

  • Tregeagle, S., Moggach, L., Trivedi, H. & Ward, H. (2019). Previous life experiences and the vulnerability of children adopted from out-of-home care: The impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and child welfare decision-making. Children and Youth Services Review, 96, 55–63. DOI:10.1016/j.childyouth.2018.11.028
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