Wai-Yat Wong

BSc(Minn), MSc(Minn)

Principal Project Lead in Technology Enhanced Learning and Practice

Honorary Associate


Phone: +61 2 9351 6369

Fax: +61 2 9036 5205

Building.Room: A35.245

Research interests

Educational systems: administration, management and leadership

  • Preschool, primary and secondary

Learning sciences; psychology of education

  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Learning technologies and new media


Learning Technology and Practice, tertiary bridging courses in Chemistry and Mathematics, NSW stage 6 Chemistry syllabus and Mathematics syllabus, ultra-interactive online video in teaching & learning, collaborative and reflective learning.

Professional biography



  • Pardo, A., Bridgeman, A., Sandra, P.,  Wong, W.Y.,  "Formative Feedback in Interactive Online Video Activities for Class Preparation in Flipped Classroom", University of Sydney Large Educational Innovation Grant 2015. Awarded $35,000.


  • Wong, W.Y., Shen, H.Z.,Hu, C.,White, K., Goodyear, P., Reimann, P., Luo, Q, Peiying,  and Zheng, W., "Interactive web-based video teaching/learning platform for language skill development and intercultural understanding", Commonwealth Dept. of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) NALSSP Round 2 partnership grant. Awarded $352,000.


  • Reimann, P., Bloomfield, D., Waugh, F., Gile, R., Wong, W.Y., Chamber, B., Simone, W., and Bowles, W., "Authentic assessment of students in practice settings: A participatory design approach". ALTC grant(Australian Learning & Teaching Council – Priority Project Grant)  Awarded $219,000.


  • Wong, W. Y., Waugh, F., O’Connor, D.,  O’Hara, A., and Simpson, A. "Managing and tracking the proposal of new units of study and reporting enhancement in SUMO". University of Sydney TIES Grant (2010). Awarded $10,000.


  • Wong, W. Y., Reimann, P., Armstrong, A. C., Howie P., Waugh, F., Walker, R., Loughland, T., O’Hara, A., Lynch, D., Anderson, M., O’Connor, D., Simpson, A. and Harbon, L. “An Educational Video with Annotation (EVA) collaboratory and teaching and learning management framework”. University of Sydney TIES Large Grant (2008-2009).  Awarded $218,410.


  • Wong, W. Y., Reimann, P., O’Connor, D.,   Loughland, T., Walker, R. and Anderson, M.   “Development of a web based video teaching and learning system with synchronized and dynamic online collaborative annotation”. University of Sydney TIES Large Grant (2007).  Awarded $50,147.
  •  Wong, W. Y., Reimann, P., Loughland, T.,  Osborne, A., and Thompson, K.  “Supporting Mobile Learning outside of classroom”. University of Sydney TIES Small Grant (2007). Awarded $10,000.



  • D.M. Zhang, W.Y. Wong, M. Prokopenko, F.F. Islam, R. Kowalczyk, M.A. Oldfield, M. Butler, P. Trayers, "A Television Program Recommendation System",Australian patent 748480 (provisional applications dates 30 Sep 1999 and 03 Jul 2000; publication date 05 Apr 2001; accepted journal date 06 Jun 2002).
  • D.M. Zhang, W.Y. Wong, M. Prokopenko, F.F. Islam, R. Kowalczyk, M.A. Oldfield, M. Butler, P. Trayers, "System for Supporting Program Selection",  Japan patent application number 2000-299286 (29 Sep 2000), publication number JP-2001-189896-A (10 Jul 2001).


  • Co-recipient of the University of Sydney Vice-Chncellor's Award for Systems that Achieve Collective Excellence for the online Standard Unit of study Manager and Organiser (SUMO) system. 2009

  • Co-recipient of CSIRO Award for Research Contribution to Multimedia Delivery Technology  2003

  • Chevron Scholarship for Graduate Studies 1989

  • General Electric Scholarship for Academic Achievement 1986

  • University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Opportunity Award 1985

Selected publications

Book chapters

Journal articles

  • Lee, M., Wong, W. Y., and Zhang, D. M. (1999). A Knowledge-Based Framework for Clinical Incident Management. International Journal for the Expert Systems With Applications, 17(4), 315–325.
  • Bishop, G.A., Rokahr, K. L., Lowes, M., McGuinness, P.H., Napoli J., DeCruz, D.J., Wong, W. Y., and McCaughan, G. W. (1997). Quantitative reverse transcriptase-PCR amplification of cytokine mRNA in liver biopsy specimens using a non-competitive method. Journal of Immunology and Cell Biology, , 142–147.
  • Dutta, S., Shekhar, S. and Wong, W. Y. (1994). Decision Support in Non-Conservative Domains: Generalization with Neural Networks. Decision Support Systems, 11, 527–544.

Conference papers

  • Hu,C., Galstaun, V., & Wong, W. (2011). Learning Technology by Collaborative Design and Evaluation. In In 9th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning. CSCL2011: Connecting computer supported collaborative learning to policy and practice. Hong Kong, July 4 - 8. .
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