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  • The implemented curriculum is strongly influenced by the teacher. While the teacher is a crucial factor in implementing the curriculum, the qualification and preparation of teachers is the main concern in maintaining and enhancing the progress of curriculum development. In Hong Kong, curriculum development and professional development have been two of the major priorities for primary mathematics education since the education reform. Student-centred approaches and higher-order thinking were promoted instead of drill-and-practice approaches in mathematics teaching and learning. Even though the contents of the revised primary mathematics curriculum remained much the same, the teaching approach is quite different to the traditional one. To ensure the success of an innovative curriculum, teacher preparation and professional development must be a focus. Consideration of appropriate implementation of the revised curriculum raises a question: What is the best way for teacher education programmes in Hong Kong in order to prepare trainee teachers in meeting such challenges in primary mathematics education? To answer this question, it is necessary to consider the development of mathematical knowledge and beliefs of the pre-service primary teachers as an initial step. Knowledge and beliefs of pre-service teachers are the significant factors to influence the processes of participation in learning to teach and lead to a profound impact on the issues of teacher preparation. To address concerns about pre-service primary teachers’ mathematical knowledge and beliefs in Hong Kong, this study focuses on investigating their mathematical content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and curriculum knowledge and also exploring their beliefs about: mathematics, mathematics teaching, mathematics learning, as well as beliefs about the social context in relation to mathematics education. Research methods include questionnaires, interviews, and lesson plan analyses

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The mathematical knowledge and beliefs of pre-service primary teachers in Hong Kong. PhD Associate Professor Judy Anderson
The mathematical knowledge and beliefs of pre-service primary teachers in Hong Kong. (Associate supervisor) PhD Associate Professor Janette Bobis

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  • Lo, W. Y. (2009). Understanding and attitudes towards moral and civic education among primary school teachers in Hong Kong. Asian Social Science, 5(7), 3–17.

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