Professor Wing On Lee

Honorary Professor in Education


Phone: +61 2 9351 6326

Fax: +61 2 9351 5027

Building.Room: A36.2a06

Selected publications


  • Lee, W, Chong, K, Siu, W. (2006). National Identity and Global Citizenship Education: The Application of Project Learning, Integrated Humanities and General Studies. Hong Kong: Quality Education Fund Project Report. Hong Kong: Quality Education Fund Project.

Book chapters

  • Lee, W, Leung, S. (2006). National identity at a crossroads: The struggle between culture, language and politics in Hong Kong. In Alred, G., Byram, M. & Fleming, M. (Ed.), Education for Intercultural Citizenship: Concepts and Comparison (pp. 23–46), Clevedon, UK & Tonawanda, NY USA: Multilingual Matters Ltd..
  • Lee, W. (2005). Aspirations for democracy in the absence of a democracy: Civic education in Hong Kong before and after 1997. In S. Wilde (Ed.), Political and Citizenship Education: International Perspectives (Vol. 14, pp. 61–85), Oxford: Symposium Books.

Journal articles

  • Lee, W, Leung, S. (2006). Global Citizenship Education In Hong Kong And Shanghai Secondary Schools: Ideals, Realities And Expectations. International Journal of Citizenship Teaching and Learning, 2(2), 68–84.
  • Lee, W, Zhu, X. (2006). A dialogue on civic and moral education. Chinese Journal of Moral Education, 1(5), 30–37.
  • Lee, W, Ho, C. (2005). Ideopolitical shifts and changes in moral education policy in China. Journal of Moral Education, 34(4), 413–431.