Assessment and evaluation

Educational assessment and evaluation are fields which aim to understand and improve the quality of educational work. Research on assessment involves understanding how student learning, and other key educational factors such as achievement, may be measured in ways which are reliable, valid, and useful to stakeholders (for example, students, teachers, parents). Assessment research also looks at how assessment decisions affect the quality of learning and other vital educational processes and outcomes. Educational evaluation research aims to understand factors underlying the quality of educational systems, such as the relations between student, teacher and school effects on learning and achievement. Both assessment and evaluation research can use quantitative and qualitative research methods, and often draws upon theory and research from educational psychology and the learning sciences more broadly.

Researchers in this area include:

Michelle Davidson Honorary Associate Lecturer
Keywords: assessessment, data literacy
Dr Matthew Ericson Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: Spatial econometrics, Health economics, Social services economics, Monitoring and evaluation, Public sector reform
Associate Professor Paul Ginns Associate Professor in Educational Psychology
Dr Kate (Catherine) Keeley Lecturer; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies BA/BEd(Secondary combined degree) ; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Society and Culture Master of Teaching Program
Keywords: Early career teachers and accreditation, Aboriginal education, Global education, Juvenile justice, Legal Studies and legal issues within education, Social justice and equality, Environmental education
Dr Robert MacCann Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Peter Reimann Professor of Education, Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI)
Professor Gordon Stanley Honorary Professor
Dr Rachel Wilson Senior Lecturer - Research Methodology / Educational Assessment & Evaluation; Research Methodology Coordinator; Advisor in Research Methodology
Wai-Yat Wong Principal Project Lead in Technology Enhanced Learning and Practice; Honorary Associate
Keywords: Learning Technology and Practice, tertiary bridging courses in Chemistry and Mathematics, NSW stage 6 Chemistry syllabus and Mathematics syllabus, ultra-interactive online video in teaching & learning, collaborative and reflective learning.