Early childhood education

A child’s early learning is a critical factor in determining his or her life chances. Many children in Australia do not currently experience quality early learning education and increased supply of early childhood teachers is frequently the only initiative proposed as the answer to need in this area. Research in early childhood addresses the complex range of contextual and cultural issues which need to be addressed to support and enhance the development of high quality early childhood education. Underpinned by a child-centred philosophy focusing on the individual needs of the child, research in this area is informed by developmental psychology, recent developments in the neurosciences as well as social scientific and educational frameworks and methods. The slow development of the professional standing of early childhood education in Australia is another important research theme.

Researchers in this area include:

Professor Trevor Cairney OAM Honorary Professor
Professor Alison Elliott Honorary Professor
Dr Cathy Little Lecturer, Special Education; Program Director BEd(Primary)
Keywords: autism, teacher attitudes, social inclusion, early childhood, special education
Dr Christine Preston Lecturer, Primary Curriculum Studies; Lecturer Science Education; Lecturer Early Childhood Science
Keywords: Children's interpretation of science diagrams, K-12 science, early childhood science, primary curriculum, marine education, professional experience