Social sciences, including civics

Research on teaching and learning in social sciences, such as history, examines fundamental issues of curriculum, pedagogy, policy and assessment in these key disciplines. How teachers might be well-prepared for teaching social sciences, as well as critical engagement with what they teach, and why, are important themes in research in this area. Civics and citizenship education is one significant stream of research in social sciences education, tackling issues such as the role schools play in preparing democratic citizens, the curricula required to prepare global citizens, and how Australian education in these areas compares with other countries.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor Tim Allender History Curriculum Coordinator; Associate Professor, History of Education, History Curriculum; Affiliate, History Department, Faculty of Arts
Keywords: History, Postcolonial, History Curriculum, Feminist History, Classroom Disciplinarity, Knowledge Transfer
Dr Yeow-Tong Chia Senior Lecturer, History Curriculum Education
Keywords: History curriculum, citizenship education, history, state formation, comparative and international education
Dr Kate (Catherine) Keeley Lecturer; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies BA/BEd(Secondary combined degree) ; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Society and Culture Master of Teaching Program
Keywords: Early career teachers and accreditation, Aboriginal education, Global education, Juvenile justice, Legal Studies and legal issues within education, Social justice and equality, Environmental education
Professor Dirk Lange Honorary Professor
Keywords: civic education, inclusive citizenship, global citizenship education, didactics of democracy, migration and education
Professor Murray Print Professor and Chair of Education
Keywords: Civics, citizenship, democratic education, electoral education
Catherine Smyth Lecturer, HSIE K-6 Curriculum and Curriculum Studies ; 4th Year B.Ed (Primary) Coordinator
Keywords: History curriculum (K-6), HSIE, Civics and Citizenship Education, primary curriculum, Global Education