Indigenous issues

In post-colonial societies, such as Australia, research into Indigenous issues is primarily concerned with advancing the position and knowledge base of Indigenous people. It also has the potential to contribute to a deeper understanding of past conflict, current problems and future directions within society more broadly. The Faculty contributes to both these dimensions of research in its research higher degree program, and in research conducted in collaboration with Indigenous researchers and communities. Improving the educational and social outcomes of Indigenous people are key aims of this work.

Researchers in this area include:

Dr Catherine Burgess Senior Lecturer in Education and Aboriginal Studies Curriculum Methods; Program Director DipEd(Aboriginal) and BEd(Aboriginal Studies)
Associate Professor David Hirsh Associate Professor
Keywords: language & culture, indigenous language use, second language vocabulary development, academic acculturation
John Hobson Lecturer in Indigenous Education; Director, Graduate Indigenous Education Programs
Keywords: Australian languages, Indigenous languages education, language revival, Indigenous teacher education, ICT in education.
Dr Kate (Catherine) Keeley Lecturer; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies BA/BEd(Secondary combined degree) ; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Society and Culture Master of Teaching Program
Keywords: Early career teachers and accreditation, Aboriginal education, Global education, Juvenile justice, Legal Studies and legal issues within education, Social justice and equality, Environmental education
Adjunct Professor Cathryn McConaghy Adjunct Professor
Dr Louisa Peralta Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and Professional Practice; School Ethics Reviewer
Keywords: Pedagogies in physical education, physical activity, health promotion, fundamental movement skills, school-based programs
Susan Poetsch Lecturer - Indigenous Education
Keywords: Australian languages, Indigenous languages education, language revival, Indigenous teacher education.
Dr Katrina Thorpe Lecturer