Sexuality and sexual identity

Human sexuality is a topic of great interest in society, but has been difficult to develop as a research field, outside a narrow biological or medical context. In recent decades, however, sexuality has developed as an important field of research in the social and cultural sciences. Its topics include the social structures shaping sexual practice; the variations between cultures – and within cultures – in practices around intercourse, childbirth and sexual health; sexual violence and exploitation; representations of sexuality in mass media; and the role of sexuality in human development. The practical importance of social research on sexuality, for purposes such as addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic, are now recognised.

Researchers in this area include:

Dr Kellie Burns Senior Lecturer, Health Education and Professional Practice
Keywords: gender, sexuality, sexual citizenship, gender/sexuality and sport, sexualities education, pedagogies of health and wellbeing, school as clinical setting
Professor Jude Irwin Emerita Professor of Social Work and Social Justice, Social Work and Policy Studies
Dr Kate Russell Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: Gender, body image, sexuality, sport, identity, sexual health education