Sociology of education

Sociologists of education study learning and teaching as social processes, and the social contexts in which they occur. How schools work as institutions, who gets educated, the educational effects of class inequality, of gender, ethnicity, and relations between generations. Sociologists are also interested in the knowledge that forms the school curriculum, where it comes from and why it takes the form it does, how we test and evaluate learning, and what are the social effects of the way we test. Research projects can involve interviewing, field observation, surveys and a variety of other approaches.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor Nigel Bagnall Associate Professor, Comparative Education
Associate Professor Dianne Bloomfield Honorary Associate Professor
Keywords: professional experience, teacher identity, inservice and preservice professional learning
Dr Dorothy Bottrell Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: resilience, schools and communities, youth work, social justice, juvenile justice, social policy
Dr Nikki Brunker Lecturer, Primary Curriculum Studies
Dr Lucila Carvalho Lecturer, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Belinda Chambers Manager, Curriculum and Policy Implementation; PhD Candidate (Sydney)
Dr John P. Hughes Honorary Associate
Keywords: citizenship education, history of secondary education, history of schooling, school choice
Dr Kate (Catherine) Keeley Lecturer; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies BA/BEd(Secondary combined degree) ; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Society and Culture Master of Teaching Program
Keywords: Early career teachers and accreditation, Aboriginal education, Global education, Juvenile justice, Legal Studies and legal issues within education, Social justice and equality, Environmental education
Dr Alison Kuiper Honorary Senior Principal Research Fellow
Adjunct Professor Cathryn McConaghy Adjunct Professor
Associate Professor Helen Proctor Associate Professor
Dr Lesley Scanlon Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Arathi Sriprakash Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: socio-cultural diversity, pro-poor development, policy translations, ethnographic methodologies
Professor Robert J. Tierney Honorary Professor; Distinguished Visiting Professor, Beijing Normal University; Professor, UBC
Keywords: Literacy education, research paradigms and rhetoric of science, assessment, professional development of educators, multimedia and cultural studies
Professor Anthony Welch Professor of Education
Keywords: international higher education, Australian education, comparative and international education, education and social policy, education and equality
Christabel Wescombe Honorary Associate