Sociology of knowledge

The relationship between social structures and knowledge systems is a background issue in much of the social and cultural sciences. It affects the way we think about school curriculum, about the scientific basis of practice in social work and teaching, and about research itself. Recently the question of the social bases of knowledge on a world scale has come into focus, in discussions of post-colonial studies, southern theory, and indigenous knowledge. Research on these questions can range from studies of particular curriculum fields, to studies of the production of social theory in the global periphery.

Researchers in this area include:

Patrick Brownlee Senior Research Associate
Keywords: Research policy, globalisation, higher education, multiculturalism
Professor Raewyn Connell University Chair
Keywords: world social science, global power structure, corporate masculinities, neocolonialism, teachers
Lana Leslie Lecturer
Adjunct Professor Cathryn McConaghy Adjunct Professor