Ageing and end-of-life

Ageing and old age are constituted as markers of social progress and conferrer of family and social burden.  The end-of-life, dying and death are universal experiences, which posit questions of meaning and survival for individuals, communities and societies and questions of equity for social policy and social work practice. Social work in ageing, dying, death and bereavement are core fields of professional practice and social work and social policy. Research contributes knowledge about the social dimensions of these points on the life course and focuses on how social justice ideas can inform policy and practice. Key questions in this area include: What are the social dimensions of ageing and of dying, death and bereavement in globalising, multicultural societies?  What are desirable directions for social policies and social work practices in ageing and at the end-of-life?  How can social policies and social work practices address the social and health inequalities that permeate ageing and the end-of-life?

Researchers in this area include:

Dr Jennifer Broadbent Honorary Associate
Dr Joanne Clarke Honorary Lecturer
Associate Professor Janet George Honorary Associate Professor in Social Work and Policy Studies
Keywords: Health policy, ageing, social development, social work education
Dr Tina Kostecki Lecturer in Social Work and Director of Field Education
Professor Gabrielle Meagher Honorary Professor
Keywords: care work, marketisation, elder care, comparative social policy, public opinion on inequality and the welfare state
Associate Professor Lindsey Napier
Dr Rosalie Pockett
Keywords: practice based research, health inequalities, interprofessional education, critical reflection and practice
Dr Matra Robertson Adjunct Lecturer