Social policy

Social policy involves systematic interventions by governments and public institutions to define and address social problems and social needs. Research in social policy traverses the disciplines – and uses the methods – of political science, economics, sociology and social work, as it seeks to understand how social policy is made, implemented and experienced in local, national and international contexts.

Researchers in this area include:

Adjunct Professor Paul Brock AM FACE FACEL Adjunct Professor
Keywords: English literature, language, literacy and curriculum; history of NSW education; teaching and learning; educational public policy development; educational equity; professional teaching standards; physical and intellectual disability
Dr Matthew Ericson Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Associate Professor Janet George Honorary Associate Professor in Social Work and Policy Studies
Keywords: Health policy, ageing, social development, social work education
Associate Professor Susan Goodwin Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Research
Associate Professor Lesley Laing Associate Professor, Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs; Social Work Convenor
Mary Lane Honorary Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Keywords: Social work practice and education, community development and activism, social work and peace, social work and social movements
Professor Gabrielle Meagher Professor of Social Policy; Co-convenor, Social Policy Research Network; Associate Dean, Office of Doctoral Studies
Keywords: care work, privatisation, elder care, comparative social policy, public opinion on inequality and the welfare state
Professor Trevor R. Parmenter AM Honorary Professor
Keywords: mental disorders, disabilities, social science, cognitive disorders, developmental psychology
Associate Professor Ruth Phillips Associate Professor in Social Work and Policy Studies; Acting Associate Dean, Doctoral Studies
Associate Professor Margot Rawsthorne Convenor Social Work & Policy Studies; Associate Professor, Community Development; Faculty Coordinator, Postgraduate Coursework; Convenor, Master of Policy Studies