Languages and cultures education

Schooling in many nations has undergone a paradigm shift, to adopt ideas of ‘intercultural’ education, whereby formal education seeks to develop in students the values, knowledge and skills that promote and reinforce beneficial and long-lasting inter-ethnic relations at the individual, group and community levels. Some scholars of second and foreign language education have embraced these ideas to theorise a new set of goals for formalised classroom language learning. Research in this new paradigm of ‘intercultural language education’ examines many aspects of explicit language learning processes, processes in ‘culture learning’, identity formation as a result of language learning, teacher pedagogy, new developments in curriculum construction and materials design, and teachers’ ways of identifying and assessing intercultural learning outcomes.

Researchers in this area include:

Professor Anne Burns Honorary Professor
Dr Ruth Fielding Lecturer - Languages Curriculum and TESOL; Curriculum Coordinator Languages (Single Method)
Keywords: Bilingualism, identity, languages education, intercultural language learning, TESOL
Honorary Associate Professor Lesley Harbon Honorary Associate Professor
Keywords: intercultural languages education, language teacher professional development, immersion languages education
Associate Professor David Hirsh Associate Professor
Keywords: language & culture, indigenous language use, second language vocabulary development, academic acculturation
John Hobson Lecturer in Indigenous Education; Director, Graduate Indigenous Education Programs
Keywords: Australian languages, Indigenous languages education, language revival, Indigenous teacher education, ICT in education.
Neta Labi Associate Lecturer Curriculum: Classical Hebrew and Judaism
Keywords: Language teacher education, teacher mentoring, community languages
Dr Hoa Thi Mai Nguyen Honorary Associate
Professor Jack C Richards Honorary Professor
Keywords: Language Teacher Education, Methodology in Language Teaching, Curriculum Design and Materials Development
Associate Professor Huizhong Shen Associate Professor in TESOL