Staff profiles


Syedda Ali Finance Officer
Nathan Allan Facilities Manager/Timetable Coordinator
Associate Professor Tim Allender History Curriculum Coordinator, Associate Professor, History of Education, History Curriculum, Affiliate, History Department, Faculty of Arts
Associate Professor Judy Anderson Associate Professor, Mathematics Education, Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary Mathematics
Professor Michael Anderson Professor of Education
Emeritus Professor Derrick Armstrong Emeritus Professor


Associate Professor Nigel Bagnall Associate Professor, Comparative Education
Professor Donna Baines Professor and Chair of Social Work, Convenor of Social Work and Policy Studies
Professor Janette Bobis Pro Dean Research
Dr Michelle Bonati Associate Lecturer in Special and Inclusive Education
Belinda Bonham Web Content Coordinator
Dr Patrick Brownlee Director, Research Partnerships & Engagement
Dr Nikki Brunker Lecturer, Primary Curriculum Studies
Dr Catherine Burgess Senior Lecturer in Education and Aboriginal Studies Curriculum Methods
Dr Kellie Burns Senior Lecturer, Health Education and Professional Practice, Research Progress Manager – Division of Doctoral Studies


Dr Jon Callow Senior Lecturer, English Education K–6, undergraduate and graduate-entry programs, Program Director, MTeach(Primary)
Dr Victoria Campbell Lecturer
Rae Carlson Lecturer
Dr Lucila Carvalho Lecturer, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Belinda Chambers Project Manager, Learning and Teaching, PhD Candidate (Sydney)
Gilbert Cheng International Student Adviser, Student Adviser, Graduate Coursework, Division of Postgraduate Coursework and Professional Education
Dr Yeow-Tong Chia Senior Lecturer, History Curriculum Education
Dr Joanne Clarke Director of Field Education and Lecturer, Social Work and Policy Studies
Dr Susan Colmar Program Director, School Counselling/School Psychology MTeach, Senior Lecturer
Professor Raewyn Connell University Chair, Emerita Professor
Dr Wayne Cotton Associate Dean Teacher Education
Maya Cranitch Lecturer
Associate Professor Ken Cruickshank Associate Professor, TESOL
Dr Jen Scott Curwood Senior Lecturer - English Education and Media Studies, Curriculum Coordinator - Secondary English, Program Director - Study Abroad and General Electives


Dr Belinda Davis Lecturer
Alison De Pree-Raghavan Manager, Glebe Community Development Project
Francis Duffy Lecturer
Janet Dutton Lecturer (Part-Time), Undergraduate and Graduate-Entry Programs
Nicole Dyk Placement Coordinator


Associate Professor David Evans Associate Professor, Special Education, Course Coordinator, MEd(Special and Inclusive Education), Student Disability Liaison Officer
Professor Robyn Ewing AM Professor, Teacher Education and the Arts


Dr Marianne Fenech Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education
Dr Josephine Fleming Lecturer Digital and Youth Culture, Research Manager, The Role of Arts Education in Academic Motivation, Engagement and Achievement
Dr Kelly Freebody Lecturer, Drama, English, Teaching and Learning, Combined Degrees Coordinator
Dr Ruth French Scholarly Teaching Fellow
Dr Luke Fryer Postdoctoral Fellow


Rosina Gallace Scholarships, Prizes and Development Officer, Dean's Unit
Sharon Galleguillos Lecturer
Vilma Galstaun Lecturer in ICT in education, First Year Coordinator, BEd (Primary), Teaching Teachers for the Future Project Coordinator
Dr Paul Gardiner Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Steve Georgakis Senior lecturer of pedagogy and sports studies
Liz Gibson Master of Teaching Administrator
Associate Professor Robyn Gibson Associate Professor, Visual & Creative Arts Education, Associate Dean Student Experience
Dr Paul Ginns Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology
Dr Nigel Bruce Goodwin Lecturer in Technology Education
Nina Goodwin Project Coordinator, Professional Learning
Associate Professor Susan Goodwin Associate Professor
Professor Peter Goodyear Professor, Education, Co-director, Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo Research Centre)
Maria-Grace Guerreiro Manager, Division of Graduate Studies


Kimberly Hammond Executive Assistant
Dr Feifei Han Research Associate
Nicole Hart MEd (Research) candidate, Lecturer
Associate Professor Deb Hayes Director, Education I-IV Program
Alexander Hector Professional Experience Coordinator (Secondary)
Susan Heward-Belle Lecturer
Associate Professor David Hirsh Associate Dean, Postgraduate Programs
John Hobson Lecturer in Indigenous Education, Director, Graduate Indigenous Education Programs
Jinfeng Huang Finance Officer


Professor Jude Irwin Emerita Professor of Social Work and Social Justice, Social Work and Policy Studies


Professor Michael J. Jacobson Professor and Chair, Education, Co-director, Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo), Deputy Director, Institute for Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education
Andrew Sunghyun Jeon Web Applications Developer, Webmaster
Suin Jung Research Student Liaison Officer, Office of Doctoral Studies, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays


Kate (Catherine) Keeley Lecturer, Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies BA/BEd(Secondary combined degree) , Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Society and Culture Master of Teaching Program
Robert Keigthley Executive Assistant to the Dean
Dr Minkang Kim Senior Lecturer in Human Development, Director, BEd Honours Programme


Neta Labi Associate Lecturer Curriculum: Classical Hebrew and Judaism
Polly Lai Research Associate, PhD candidate
Associate Professor Lesley Laing Associate Professor, Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs
Cathy Little Lecturer, Special Education
Anthea Lo Finance Officer
Dr Remy Low Scholarly Teaching Fellow


Associate Professor Jacqueline Manuel Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary English Education, Convenor, Arts, English and Literacy Education Research Network (AELE), Affiliate, Department of English, Faculty of Arts, Associate Professor, English Education, Program Director, Master of Teaching (Secondary), Member, Teacher Education Advisory Board
Associate Professor Lina Markauskaite Associate Professor, eResearch, Centre for Research on Computer-supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo Research Centre), Thesis Examination Coordinator, Office of Doctoral Studies
Claire Marvell Lecturer
Professor Diane Mayer Dean
Michelle McAlinden Community Languages Program Administrator
Dr Alex McCormick Lecturer, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Heather McMaster Lecturer
Maria McQuilty Manager, Student Administration
Dr Nicole Mockler Lecturer in Education (Foundation Studies)
David Myers Mail Assistant


Michael Narciso Manager (Undergraduate and Pre-Service Programs), Undergraduate Adviser (Combined Education degrees, Social Work)
Dr Amanda Niland Lecturer


Associate Professor Donna O'Connor Associate Professor, Coach Education and PDHPE, Coordinator, BEd (HMHE) Honours, and MEd (Coach Education), Program Director (HMHE)
Alison O'Grady Lecturer Part Time
Dr George Odhiambo Senior Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management, Coordinator, Leadership & Management Program, Ethics Coordinator
Dr Annishka Oksa Lecturer in Educational Psychology (Teaching focused position)
Associate Professor Armstrong Osborne Associate Professor, Science Education


Professor Brian Paltridge Professor, Research Development Coordinator, Director - TESOL Research Network
Eva Papas Undergraduate Adviser (Primary,Human Movement and Health Education, Early Childhood)
Rachel Payne Project Coordinator, Office of Professional Learning
Dr Rebecca Pearse Research Associate
Dr Louisa Peralta Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and Professional Practice, Faculty Ethics Reviewer
Dorian Peters Creative Leader, Web and Interface Design for Learning
Associate Professor Aek Phakiti Associate Professor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Associate Professor Ruth Phillips Associate Professor in Social Work and Policy Studies, Associate Dean Postgraduate Research
Camilla Pilgrim Research Support Officer, Faculty Research Office, Monday-Wednesday
Susan Poetsch Lecturer - Indigenous Education
Richard Porter Professional Experience Coordinator (Secondary)
Dr Christine Preston Lecturer, Primary Curriculum Studies, Lecturer Science Education, Lecturer Early Childhood Science, Program Director (BEd, Primary)
Professor Murray Print Professor and Chair of Education
Associate Professor Helen Proctor Associate Professor, Research Higher Degree Student Co-ordinator


Maria Quigley Lecturer


Associate Professor Margot Rawsthorne Associate Professor, Community Development
Professor Peter Reimann Professor of Education, CoCo Research Centre
Dr Kathleen Rushton Lecturer in English, Director of Professional Experience


Adriana Scodellaro Technical Officer in Science Education
Associate Professor Huizhong Shen Associate Professor in TESOL
Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Sherington Professor in History of Education
Associate Professor Alyson Simpson Pro Dean Education
Andrea Small Manager Field Education Program
Shona Smith Faculty Manager, HOA
Catherine Smyth Lecturer, HSIE K-6 Curriculum and Curriculum Studies , 4th Year B.Ed (Primary) Coordinator
Dr Ilektra Spandagou Senior Lecturer, Inclusive Education
Bill Spence Lecturer
Dr Margaret Spencer Lecturer
Erin Sreejayan Associate Director, Finance
Dr Marie Stevenson Senior Lecturer in TESOL, Convenor of MEd TESOL
Ann Stravopodis Executive Assistant, Dean's Unit
Dr Louise Sutherland Senior Lecturer, Division of Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs, Program Director, MTeach(Secondary)


Debra Talbot Lecturer and Co-Director of Professional Experience
Dr Matthew AM Thomas Lecturer in Sociology of Education, Comparative and International Education
Katrina Thorpe PhD candidate, Lecturer
Cherie Toivonen Senior Researcher
Dr Lorraine Towers Lecturer
Dr Emma Tseris Lecturer


Jonnell Uptin Lecturer
John Usman Manager, Facilities and Resources, Faculty


Suzy Velkou Manager Field Education Program
Dr Archana Voola Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Associate Professor Richard Walker Co-ordinator, Master of Education (Educational Psychology), Associate Professor in Educational Psychology
Sadhbh Warren Network Coordinator at the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI)
Professor Fran Waugh Professor in Social Work and Policy Studies
Associate Professor Jennifer Way Associate Professor, Mathematics Education
Professor Anthony Welch Professor of Education
Dr Rachel Wilson Senior Lecturer - Research Methodology / Educational Assessment & Evaluation, Research Methodology Coordinator, Faculty Advisor in Research Methodology



Dr Hongzhi (Veronica) Yang Scholarly Teaching Fellow - LOTE program
Dr Pippa Yeoman Research Associate