Dr Gloria Latham

Honorary Senior Lecturer
+61 3 9388 2108
+61 2 9351 2606
A35 / 307
The University of Sydney

Gloria Latham's research is in writing, creative literacy, narrative and pedagogy. Her most recent book, Learning to Teach (3rd Edition) was written with RMIT colleagues Karen Malone, Julie Faulkner and Mindy Blaise, as well as Shelley Dole from the University of Queensland.
Before entering academia in the 1990s, Gloria was a primary-school teacher in the United States. She is interested in why secondary schools are still using textbooks as a primary information source, and why teachers move methododically through these textbooks chapter by chapter?

Gloria has made a strong contribution to the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, especially in areas of language, literacy and teacher education. She has examined a master's thesis and is available for co-supervision of HDR students.   

Australian Learning and Teaching Award for Australian University Teaching 2009
RMIT Research Innovation Award, 2002
RMIT Teaching Award, 2002
RMIT Quality Award, 2000

  • Senior Lecturer in Literacy, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (retired 2014)
  • Co-editor, Literacy Learning: the Middle Years


Book chapters
  • Latham, G. (2012). "Creating tension: Orchestrating disruptive pedagogies in a virtual school environment." In J. Faulkner (Ed.), Disrupting Pedagogies in the Knowledge Society: Countering Conservative Norms with Creative Approaches (pp. 256–266), UK: IGI Publishing.
  • Latham, G. & Faulkner, J. (2010). "A virtual school for rethinking learning." In D. Cole & D. Pullen (Ed.), Multiliteracies in motion (pp. 239–255), UK: Routledge.
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  • Peters, J., Latham, G., Ragland, D., Donaghy, RC. (2008). "Three Cultures of Teaching and Learning: Dialoguing across Continents." In J. Reischmann & M. Bron Jr. (Ed.), Comparative Adult Education 2008 (pp. 115–250), New York: Peter Lang.

Selected journal articles
  • Latham, G. (2020). "Teacher as writer: The process of an out of school collaboration in narrative writing." English in Education, 54(4), 396–406. DOI:10.1080/04250494.2019.1639472
  • Latham, G. (2020). "Exploring collaborative creative writing as artistic experience." Literacy Learning: The Middle Years, 28(2), 44–50.
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  • Latham, G. (2018). "The art of the early childhood researcher: Rediscovering music and movement in language." Journal of Early Childhood Research. DOI:10.1177/1476718X18812232
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Online Collaboration between preservice teachers at the University of Sydney, University of Queensland and RMIT University using Edmodo to discuss critical incidents in teaching and learning.