Research & Curriculum Manager, Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education (SICLE)

Professional Experience Placement Coordinator: Early-Childhood Programs and Primary Education Programs

Senior Programmer

Communications Officer

Executive Officer

Coordinator, Refugee Language Program

Manager Field Education Program, Social Work and Policy Studies

Professional Engagement and Teaching Support Manager (Postgraduate)

Project Coordinator, Professional Learning

Manager, Office of Professional Experience

Research Student Liaison Officer, Office of Doctoral Studies, Mondays [am], Tuesdays, Wednesdays [am], Thursdays, Fridays

Professional Engagement and Teaching Support Assistant

Business Development Manager, Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment

School Manager

Professional Experience Placement Coordinator: Secondary Education Programs

Manager, Office of Professional Engagement and Program Support

Project Coordinator, Office of Professional Learning

Research Support Officer, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Program Manager, Institute of Open Adoption Studies

Project Officer (Resource Production)