Dr Tai Peseta

BEd(Hons), PhD
Honorary Senior Lecturer
+61 2 9685 9060
+61 2 93512606
A35 / 307
The University of Sydney

Dr Tai Peseta joined Western Sydney University in March 2017 as Senior Lecturer, located in the Learning Transformations Team, Learning Futures Portfolio. She previously held academic appointments at the The University of Sydney, La Trobe University and The University of Melbourne, and with institutional experience in the professional learning of university teachers, research supervision development, curriculum renewal, students as partners, and in building capacity and participation in the scholarship of learning and teaching.

Tai's work focuses primarily on the 21C project. In 2017-2018, Tai:

From mid-2019 onwards, Tai has been the Academic Lead on the 21C Curriculum Challenges. In addition, she:

  • Senior Lecturer, Learning Transformations, Western Sydney University
  • International Research Fellow, Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University, Japan
  • Honorary Fellow, Deakin University
  • Senior Fellow, UK Higher Education Academy
  • Member, Australian Association for Research in Education
  • Member, Society for Research in Higher Education
  • Member, Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia

Selected book chapters
  • Peseta, T., Pizzica, J., Beathe, A., Jose, C., Manthos, M., Lynch, R., Nguyen, K. & Raza, H. (2020). A Partnership Mindset: students as partners in and beyond the academy. In L. Mercer-Mapstone & S. Abbot (Eds.), The Power of Partnership: Students, staff and faculty revolutionizing higher education. Centre for Engaged Learning: Elon University.
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  • Peseta, T., Fyffe, J. & Salisbury, F. (2019). "Interrogating the idea of the university through the pleasures of reading together." In D. Bottrell and C. Manathunga (eds.), Resisting Neoliberalism in Higher Education Volumne II: prizing open the cracks. Springer.
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Selected journal articles
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A decade of dialogue: a cultural history of the International Academic Identities conference 2008-2018, funded by the Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University

Reframing the PhD for Australia’s future universities, funded by the Australian Office for Learning and Teaching

Challenges of access and equity: the higher education curriculum answers back, funded by the Worldwide Universities Network

The flow of new knowledge practices: an inquiry into teaching, learning and curriculum dynamics in academic workgroups

  • Fiona Salisbury – Thesis title: How can academic libraries contribute to shaping future ideas of the University. Role: Associate supervisor