Dr Rosalie Pockett

Honorary Senior Lecturer
+61 2 93512606
A35 / 307
The University of Sydney

Rosalie Pockett is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work (SSESW) at The University of Sydney. She has a career background in hospital/health social work practice and her areas of research interest include: health inequalities and social justice perspectives; interprofessional education and practice; critical reflection in education; leadership and management in social work; advanced care and end-of-life care planning; practice-based research; professional practice supervision; new graduates and the workplace; the occupational culture of social work, and classification systems for social work practice. Rosalie has held the following positions in SSESW:
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer (2014 – to the present) 
  • BSW Program Director (2010 – 2014) 
  • Research Progress Manager 
  • Research Ethics Adviser 

She has provided postgraduate and higher-degree research supervision in a range of areas including dementia and guardianship; social care and social enterprise in Korea; parent carers and interdisciplinary teams; social work as emotional labour; transitioning to residential aged care; and stroke rehabilitation and family conferences.

Before joining SSESW, Rosalie held the position of Director of Social Work at Westmead Hospital 
and Area Director, Western Sydney Area Health Service, NSW Health, and has more than 25 years practice experience in the health field.

  • Chair, Editorial Board, Australian Social Work (Journal of the Australian Association of Social Workers)
  • Member, Australian Association of Social Workers 
  • Editorial Board (Asia-Pacific Region), Social Work Education: The International Journal 
  • Member, Social Work Health Inequalities Network (SWHIN) 
  • Reviewer, Australian Social Work
  • Reviewer, International Social Work
  • Reviewer, Social Work Education
  • Reviewer, Studies in Continuing Education
  • Reviewer, Australasian Journal on Ageing
  • Reviewer, Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education
  • Reviewer, Social Work with Groups
  • Reviewer, Journal of Qualitative Research

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Selected book chapters
  • Giles, R., and Pockett, R. (2018). "Supporting diversity and finding congruity in social work field education." in F. Gardner, J. Theobold, N. Long & H. Hickson (Eds). Field Education. Creating Successful Placements. South Melbourne: Oxford University Press. 
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Selected journal articles
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