Dr Dewa Wardak

BA(InternetStud), GradCert(HigherEd), MLST, PhD
Honorary Research Fellow
+61 2 93512606
University of Sydney Business School H70 / 5155
The University of Sydney

 Dewa Wardak is a lecturer in educational development with the Business Co-Design team. She is a learning scientist and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Before joining the Business Co-Design team, Dewa was a teacher educator at the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, where she was a member of Professor Peter Goodyear's ARC Laureate Team. Dewa’s main areas of interest are learning and teaching in higher education, educational development, networked learning, pattern languages, object-based learning, and multimodal approaches to the analysis of learning and teaching. Outside university, she has been a volunteer working on community projects and is passionate about supporting and mentoring women from diverse and refugee backgrounds to attain higher education qualifications.

Postgraduate Award: Learning, Technology and Design, The University of Sydney, 2011–2014
Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Mentoring Scheme Visiting Fellowship, The University of Melbourne, 2019
Senior Fellow, The Higher Education Academy 2023
 Adjunct Research Associate, Charles Sturt University, 2016–2018

  • Lecturer in Educational Development, Business School, The University of Sydney

Selected book chapters
  • Zeivots, S., Wardak, D., Huber, E. (2021). "Share Sessions: a solution to cross-disciplinary academic professional learning and development in higher education." In D. Forbes, R. Walker (Eds.), Developing online teaching in higher education: Global perspectives on continuing professional learning and development. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.
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Selected journal articles
  • Wardak, D., Vallis, C., Bryant, P. (2021). "#OurPlace2020: Blurring Boundaries of Learning Spaces." Postdigital Science and Education, Published online: 25 October 2021. [More Information]
  • Wardak, D., Zeivots, S., Cram, A. (2021). "CLaS light touch project: Scaling up educational co-design process." Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, 22(Special Edition, Compendium of Innovative Practice), 1-5. [More Information]
  • Wardak, D., Razeed, A., Thogersen, J., Guerry, E. (2021). "Collaborating on a creative solution to teach creativity to Business students." Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, 22, 1-6. [More Information]
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Selected conference presentations
  • Wardak, D. (2021). Implementing pedagogies of care in online teacher education. 38th International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE 2021), Armidale: ASCILITE
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