Dr Dorothy Bottrell

BADipEd, MEd, EdD
Honorary Senior Lecturer
A35 / 307
The University of Sydney

Dorothy Bottrell is Senior Lecturer in Social Pedagogy in the College of Education at La Trobe University. Her background is in secondary teaching, juvenile justice, youth and community work and TAFE teaching in community services.

Dorothy’s first academic post was at the University of Sydney (2007-13). Since joining La Trobe University in mid-2013, Dorothy has led a team of staff to develop the new degree, Bachelor of Education (Social Pedagogy). This course prepares educators to work in community and human services contexts. She has also taught in the 4th year Bachelor of Education P-12, master's degrees in education, and supervised doctoral and minor thesis research.

At Victoria Institute, she also worked with Professor Kitty te Riele and Dr Vicky Plows (Victoria Institute, now part of ISILC) on alternative education research.

  • Senior Lecturer in Social Pedagogy, College of Education, La Trobe University
  • Member, Mobilities, Transitions and Resilience Network of the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing, La Trobe University
  • Member, Youth Justice Coalition and YJC Education working group 2009-11
  • Member, Glebe Community Development Project steering committe 2007-13
  • Editorial Board, International Journal on School Disaffection


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Journal articles
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Conference papers
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