Dr Tom Cerni

BEd, DipArt(Psych), MEd(CounselPsych), GMP, PhD
Honorary Associate
+61 2 9576 1123
+61 2 9351 2606
A35 / 307
The University of Sydney

Tom Cerni is the Head of Counselling, Character and Care at The Scots College, Sydney. He is also a clinical supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia/Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the American Psychological Association Division 13: Society of Consulting Psychology. 

Tom is the author of numerous articles in leading peer-reviewed journals examining the relationship between the Cognitive-Experiential Theory (CET), leadership styles, conflict-handling styles, and influencing tactics. From this research, he developed the Cognitive-Experiential Leadership Model and the Guided Reflection Model. His latest research is examining the relationship between thinking styles, including rationality, intuitiveness and imagination with English HSC results in NSW.

  • Head of Counselling, Character and Care at The Scots College, Sydney
  • Alumni, Harvard Business School 
  • Member, American Psychological Association
  • Member, APA Society of Consulting Psychology (Division 13)
  • Registered supervisor, Psychology Board of Australia/Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency
  • Member, Australian Psychological Society
  • Academic Editor of peer-reviewed manuscripts for International Journals including
    Journal of Leadership Studies and International Journal of Conflict Management

Journal articles
  • Cerni, T., Curtis, G. J., & Colmar, S. H. (2015). Cognitive-Experiential Leadership Model: How leaders’ information-processing systems can influence leadership styles, influencing tactics, conflict management and organizational outcomes. Journal of Leadership Studies, DOI:10.1002/jls.21335
  • Cerni, T., Curtis, G. J., & Colmar, S. H. (2014). The cognitive information-processing of leaders and their relation to student learning outcomes. Journal of School Leadership, 24, 287-310.
  • Cerni, T., Curtis, G., & Colmar, S. (2012). Cognitive-experiential self theory and conflict-handling styles: Rational and constructive experiential systems are related to the integrating and compromising conflict-handling styles. The International Journal of Conflict Management, 23, 362-380

Conference presentations
  • Hawai’i International Conference on Education. 5-8th January, 2019. Honolulu. “Closing the gap: Thinking styles and academic performance among senior high school students.”
  • IBSC Annual Conference. 11-13 April, 2017, The Scots College, Sydney. Title: “How Boys Grow: Caring for the Whole Person.”
  • 15th European Congress of Psychology. 11-14 July, 2017. Amsterdam. “Psychology Addressing Society’s Greatest Challenges.”