Jian Xin Liu

PhD candidate


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Professional biography

My project, Identity and Desire in Online Discourse: An Analysis of Lifestyle Blogs in Mainland China, takes lifestyle blogging in Mainland China as an example to examine configurations and connections of identity and desire online. One focus of this project is an exploration of identity patterns, interactions and interrelations in context with reference to online identity’s attributes of performativity, multiplicity, diversity and contingency. The other will be the mapping of the desire discursively in the process of blogging identity construction. Above all, the interactions at play between desire and identity, and blogging will be centrally explored.In September, 2006, I gave a presentation on Sydney-Melbourne TESOL Network Colloquium titled Blogging in Mainland China as a Sociocultural Phenomenon: Issues & categories, reviewing the issues, patterns, categories in Chinese blogging as well as suggesting my research focus. After the approval of my research proposal in early 2007, I will start collecting and analyzing the data. I also plan to have come up with several drafted chapters on relevant literature and methodology framework by the end of the year.

Selected publications

Journal articles

  • Liu, J. (2008). The Generic and Rhetorical Structures of Expositions in English by Chinese Ethnic Minorities: A Perspective from Intracultural Contrastive Rhetoric. Language and Intercultural Communication, 8(1), 2–20.