Dr Patrick Brownlee

BA(Hons)(UOW), MA(journalism)(UOW), GradDip(TESOL)(UTS), PhD(PolEcon)(Sydney)

Director, Research Partnerships & Engagement


Phone: +61 2 9351 2616

Fax: +61 2 9351 8946

Building.Room: A35.338

Research interests

Educational systems: administration, management and leadership

  • Higher education

Social structures, inequalities and social justice

  • Social change
  • Sociology of knowledge


Research policy, globalisation, higher education, multiculturalism

Professional biography

I have worked in Higher Education in research development and policy roles for approximately 15 years.

Recently, I was Senior Research Associate researching global knowledge production for an ARC funded project led by Professor Raewyn Connell and Dr Fran Collyer. That project, entitled Global Arenas of Knowledge, aims to understand the processes and practices that reinforce the organisation and accumulation of knowledge in the Global North. The experiences of researchers in countries on the 'periphery' - Brazil, South Africa and Australia - will be documented through life histories to explain how research careers are partly determined by certain knowledge regimes.

I have a long standing interest in research as academic work and the role of Universities as public institutions.

My PhD research examined the political economy of Australian multiculturalism, specifically how the recruitment of skilled business migrants from the 1980s was driven by a national productivity agenda for global competitiveness.


  • The International Award for Excellence for the Top Ranked article, 2012 - The Diversity Collection.

    See - http://ijd.cgpublisher.com/ 

Selected publications


Book chapters

Journal articles

  • Brownlee, P. (2016). Global Capital's Lieutenants: Australia’s Skilled Migrant Intake and the Rise of Global Value Chain Production. Journal of Australian Political Economy, 77, 5–33.
  • Brownlee, P. (2013). The Emergence of Australia’s Business Migration Program and Entrepreneurial Diversity Policy. The International Journal of Organizational Diversity, 12.
  • Hirano, K., S. Castles, and P. Brownlee. [eds] . (2000). Towards a sociology of Asian migration and settlement: focus on Japan.. Asia Pacific Migration Journal, 9(3), 243–254.