Professor Raewyn Connell

PhD(Sydney), BA(Hons)(Melbourne)

University Chair


Phone: +61 2 9351 6247

Fax: +61 2 9351 4580

Building.Room: A35.544

Research interests

Social structures, inequalities and social justice

  • Gender relations and gender identity
  • Social change
  • Sociology of knowledge


world social science, global power structure, corporate masculinities, neocolonialism, teachers

Professional biography

Raewyn Connell, BA (Melb), PhD (Syd), holds a University Chair in the University of Sydney. She has previously held posts at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Macquarie University in Sydney, and Flinders University in Adelaide. She has held visiting posts at the University of Toronto, Harvard University, and Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Raewyn is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, a recipient of the American Sociological Association's award for distinguished contribution to the study of sex and gender, and of the Australian Sociological Association's award for distinguished service to sociology in Australia. Raewyn's teaching fields have included general sociology, social theory, sociology of education, gender relations, sexuality, and research methods.

Currently, Raewyn is supervising seven research higher degree students, refecting the major contribution her own research and theorising about the social construction of masculinities has had in creating this international research field.

Raewyn's books, including Masculinities, and papers have been translated into 13 languages. Masculinities alone has been translated into Italian, Swedish, German, Spanish and Chinese, and is the most cited research publication in its field. More recently she has opened up questions about the relations between masculinities and neoliberal globalisation.

Raewyn is also a leading figure in other research fields, all of which are areas that demonstrate her characteristic concern for combining an understanding of large-scale social structures with recognition of personal experience and collective agency.

Making the Difference (1982) is the most discussed Australian study of social inequalities in education while in Gender and Power (1987) Raewyn developed an influential sociological theory of gender which her curent research is reformulating in a world context.

As author of Ruling Class Ruling Culture (1977) and co-author of Class Structure in Australian History (1980), Raewyn has also been a key figure in the development of an Australian sociology of class. Her other research agendas include adolescence, intellectual labour, and sexuality.

Raewyn's most recent book, Southern Theory (2007) discusses theorists unfamiliar in the European canon of social science, and explores the possibility of a genuinely global social science. Across these fields, Raewyn has tried to make social science relevant to social justice, becoming involved with campaigns, teachers and social-movement activists to bring research to bear on public policy and strategies of social change. Raewyn has conducted applied studies and given policy advice to governments about poverty and education, AIDS prevention, gender equity, and other fields.

In the past decade, Raewyn was invited by United Nations agencies to lead international discussions about masculinities, violence and peacemaking, and the role of men and boys in achieving gender equality.

Raewyn's work is widely cited in social science and humanities publications internationally. Four of her books were listed among the 10 most influential books in Australian sociology. She is frequently invited to give keynote addresses at conferences and seminars, including events in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Senegal and Britain.


  • American Sociological Association Award, for distinguished contribution to the study of sex and gender

  • Australian Sociological Association Award, for distinguished service to sociology in Australia

Professional and community roles

Current research students

Project title Degree Research student
Early career teachers in the new NSWIT regime. MPhil Kate (Catherine) Keeley
Gender, mass media and higher education. PhD Claudia Alarcon
Writing the Unwritten, Reading the Unspoken: a study of book clubs and the decolonising agency of Indigenous language in contemporary Australian literature PhD Julie-Ann Paredes

Selected publications


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Book chapters

  • Connell, R. (2012). Sociology's narratives of global change: history, place and formations of knowledge in the discipline's past and future. In Devorah Kalekin-Fishman and Ann Denis (Eds.), The Shape of Sociology for the 21st Century: Tradition and Renewal (pp. 187–201), London: Sage Publications.
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